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Ever wanted a garden that you can relax in and feel at home or a garden that connect to the great wonders of Western Australia?.

WA Native Gardens create gardens that embrace natural effects, saves water, increase bird and insect habitats, reduce unnecessary plant and garden maintenance, and create all year round colour with smells that will remind you of a visit to the bush.

WA Native Gardens work with homeowners looking to rebuild their old native garden with more interesting and unique WA species and with homeowners who are looking to step into the space of native gardening.

WA Native Gardens use over 3000 species of native plants that are part of the 15,000 species that naturally occur in Western Australia. We select beautiful plants suited for home gardens and your gardens conditions. These plants and eco-tools which provide attractive colour and habitat for insect life and birds to visit your garden. Eco-tool that we add create a bit of nature to create habitats in your gardens so you can watch the wonders of nature.  

Looking to have a beautiful native garden?  Let us assist you to create;

  • Native Garden and landscape design to full on the needs of the home owners,
  • Casual or formal walking paths
  • Natural effects for gardens i.e dry or wet creeks or ponds or water-holes
  • Sitting or pondering areas
  • Habitats for nature i.e. native bee poles, lizard runs, perches
  • Picturesque garden sections.
  • Natural verges
  • WA Plant selection specifically for your garden.

We create a garden suited for you, your home and location.

Contact us for a Home Garden Visit from our expert. Our contact email and phone numbers are listed on this site.