Plant selection

If you’re planning a verge or garden with native plants, researching plant names and creating botanical lists is frustrating, and often a total waste of time.  Even if the information you sought was available in a useful format for gardeners:

  • You’re sifting through plant names to determine exotics vs natives, or natives from the East coast vs natives from West Australia without knowing if they are grown or available from a professional nursery.
  • Images or articles on the internet describing plant behaviour, size and shape mostly refer to observations in bush settings.  This information usually comes from botanical surveys for scientific purposes which could be for plants aged 50 years or older!
  • How do you locate or source the West Australian plants that look beautiful for gardens, match the season you’re in and actually suit your own garden and what you’re wanting to create?

And that’s a sample of the challenges of researching how to create a native verge or garden.  No wonder most people tell us they’re overwhelmed.

That’s why advice always starts in your garden.  We work with plants that suit your garden specifically, won’t turn your verge into a jungle, and look beautiful!

So let me walk through your garden with you, and share with me what you want to see.

Talk about the shape, size and colour you want and how you want your garden to look.  I can then create a ‘road map’ with you on how to get there, and the best selection of plants to choose from.

If you don’t change your sand, and accept you can have a beautiful native plant garden without spending a fortune on ‘stuff’, we’ll help you choose the plants and bring your ideas (and garden) to life.

Gardening is an art; we will do whatever we can to help you re-discover it and share the many secrets we know about native gardening with West Australian plants.

And if a WA native plant garden is not for you, then please tag someone in the comments below who you think could be interested, or share this article with them.