Community Connection

Welcome to the Urban Wildflower Corridor

Community connection to our unique and diverse environment is critical for wellness. This has been recognised in many studies that nature relaxes the mind and body. To connect we can either walk in a park or drive out to the bush and go for a bushwalk. Either or both is great and can something be irregular.

But what about out gardens. What if gardens were able to be created where we can sit, enjoy and feel like we were in the bush, smelling the smells, hearing the small birds and insects and see the wonders of movement under the leaves, the vibrant colours and multitudes of greens, and the textures of bark, trunks and leaves and flowers. This can all be available to us in our gardens as a daily practise.

For many years the founders of WA Native Gardens have ventured into the bush and brought bit of bush home (with appropriate collecting licences). What is to be recognised is that a connection to the bush can be done with growing of plants, art as in photos, texture creations, jewellery, wood work, all a matter of things. Connection can also be with personal stories of the experience of the bush, plant stories, and poems. All of these things create a connection with our bush, our environment, our sense of who we are in where we live in the beautiful sense of place, Western Australia.

This is why we we call it the Urban Wildflower Corridor. It is a place where we can all connect as a community that loves WA plants, native gardening or just where we live in Western Australia. So enjoy what we have created so far…:-)


WA Native Garden hold different events from our outstanding Everlasting Daisy Project, 1 hour talks of Successful Native Gardening to Seasonal Gardening 4 hour session which coincide with the Aboriginal 6 seasons.

Look at our calendar for our upcoming events. Our events extend from home garden gatherings, seasonal workshops and free talks, through to industry presentations.

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The Wiki is this,…. a sharing of sharing stories of your garden, knowledge about WA Native Garden plants, your passion for all things ‘yummy wildflowers in the garden’ like…..and any contributions you are willing to make to help others learn more about our amazing heritage of WA flora and this great state of ours.

This Wiki will always be a work of progress and will welcome new writers to share their experience of WA plants in the garden and in the bush. The wiki is the communities asset which is managed and sponsored by WA Native Gardens and we treasure it, as there is nothing else like it. Over time it will grow into something beautiful, with a colourful and inspiring pages that future generations will uses, upgrade and develop as body of knowledge for native gardening, Western Australian garden flora stories and experiences

The background to the ‘why’ of wiki is created is simple…lots of WA plants garden knowledge is of little experience, does not exist, it has died with the beholder of information or not tried yet. The founders of WA Native Gardens has 3 generations of knowledge. It has taken many goes of different methods, article writing, social media, database to share this knowledge and it disappears in a second or read one and thrown away. So creating an electronic methods i.e the wiki, recording what the founders have already created and to open it to the community will allow the information to be upgraded, acknowledged and sharing across the World.

Please enjoy the wiki, get involved and share with your community.


Community Forums are designed to develop discussion in real time, the other option we have considered is facebook. Our issue with facebook is that this information is very hard to search, collate and compile. WA Native Gardens have a few forums…this concepts is still in progress, explore, have a go and share with us your thinking.