Our vision is that everyone loves or at leasts respects, understand WA plants, and our gardens represent our true sense of place and this great state we live in.


Our mission is to be instrumental in cultural change surrounding the transition of our imported urban landscapes to WA native flora and fauna. We call this process a ‘transition to the Urban Wildflower Corridor’. Our projects aim to:

  • Create interconnected areas featuring curated WA native plants;
  • Develop gardens that are beautiful and self-sustaining;
  • Construct specific insect, bird and creature habitats in our gardens;
  • Share knowledge and experience on the growing and care of WA native plants.


Our Principles form the basis of our Vision, Mission, and how we work together;

  • Our organisation exists to support the wellbeing and ‘transformation journey’ of ourselves and others through our work and community.
  • An important aspect of wellbeing is ‘belonging’ or ‘sense of place’, and our belonging is affected by our environments.
  • Presence in nature, and connection to nature through positive interaction, supports wellbeing.
  • Being in an endemic natural environment is more likely to facilitate belonging than artificially constructed or culturally imported environments. For us in West Australia, an endemic natural environment is WA native plants, insects, birds and creatures.
  • With the aim of supporting well being, we declare ourselves custodians of our urban environment, and take personal responsibility to do what we can to support WA native flora and fauna.