When to harvest daisies

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    Glenis Taylor

    Many of our pink everlasting daisies haven’t fattened up at the seed base yet due to the rain this week. Should I cut them before I go away on 22 October or keep watering them and wait till I return 30 October?


    Sue Dempster

    Hi Glenis,
    Great question on the time of collecting seed, when one needs to go away.

    I see with the seed collection there are 2 considerations.
    1. the weather forecast…will there be hot weather before you leave or after you leave.
    2. Being present in person to collect the seed….

    The main objective is to capture the seed. This can be when the flower head is ‘fat’, or when the flower head is ‘fluffy’. If the seed head is neither, then viability for the seed will reduce.

    My suggestion would be
    A: collect as many of the ‘fat or fluffy’ flower heads that you do have and store them before you go, and
    B: Ask a friend to keep the watering going while away so the remaining flower heads can continue to create viable seed and cross your fingers for the remainder to be able to be collected upon your return.

    The days of 23+ degrees are the days to watch out for them to go ‘fluffy’.

    Happy seed collecting
    Cheers Sue

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