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    Ros Bowyer

    In response to requests from several school communities around the Perth metropolitan area, Urban Wildflower Corridor, through its commercial division WA Native Gardens, is implementing and facilitating the Corridor Learning Project.
    The project aims to enrich the lives of students and teachers through transforming school learning environments using experiential approaches to connect to a ‘sense of place’ within the school’s physical environment.
    The Corridor Learning Project is being co-created with school stakeholders (e.g. teachers, principals, School Boards). Participation is also anticipated from stakeholders across multiple schools.
    After selection of a pilot site, the next stage of implementing the Corridor Learning Project is the development of a learning program curriculum specific to primary students which will reflect the transition of the school grounds. The ongoing development of the curriculum will reflect the transition of the school grounds into more sustainable, connected gardens and open spaces.
    * Increase student school attendance.
    * Decrease teacher workload.
    * Decrease challenging behaviours of students.
    * Transition the school grounds to be part of the WA native flora and fauna Urban Wildflower Corridor.
    * Development of opportunities for broader community involvement in planting and connection.

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