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    Ros Bowyer

    Hello everyone, I’m working at getting into the habit of replying in this Forum rather than individually to you… that way we can all keep learning together πŸ™‚ Part of my learning in relation to posting here is the need to use the ‘Topic Tags’ at the bottom of the post window. These enable people to search for the areas they’re particularly interested in so please tag your posts appropriately to help this work!
    There have been a few questions re watering & soil levels, droopiness, parchedness etc. Hazel & Sue have seen all your pics & the feedback is as follows:
    * In general our experts are very, very happy and very, very impressed with your foster caring; the plants are looking very good, well done to you all!!
    * When plants are being potted from the tubes to the rocket pots make sure the stem of the plant is as central as possible in its new pot. This forms better plants. (Whether there’s anything to be done about plants that are not central in their pots at this point is something we need specific direction on – stay posted for further input!)
    * Soil level: this needs to be about 1cm below the top of the pot; where the level is lower than this it needs to be topped up please;
    * Where plants are touching each other, space them a little so they have room to freely grow;
    * For those of you who are confident, Hazel is suggesting tip pruning (just taking the soft centre from the main shoots). This can happen from early on, like now, and can continue as the plants grow. It does not apply to the plants like the Dampiera ‘tho. Please start a new topic if you want more guidance in regards to this.
    * Be mindful of pots being kept next to fences or walls as the weather heats up – particularly brick or stone but also other materials that will store heat. The reflected heat can be too much for the little plants to cope with and they will fare better at least a metre away from the wall. This will also give the air an opportunity to circulate around them.
    * Our experts are happy to reduce the frequency of your pics now – once a month will be adequate – just please stay in contact via this Forum so we can attend to any questions/ concerns as they arise and also share in any exciting news or developments!
    Thanks so much, πŸ™‚ Ros


    grubby feet Fi

    Hi Ros, I have found my pots are probably closer to 2cm below the top as a little soil compacts or washes out over time. Please can you advise what I am to top it up with? Do I need to grab another bag of potting mix? I also so had one pot lose some soil when it tipped over whilst moving them in out of the water. Would be a good idea in the future to give the foster carers a tub or bag of extra soil to address the above issues or any repoting that is needed?


    Ros Bowyer

    Great, thanks for that Fiona, yes, we’re all learning as we go on this one!! In future between 10 & 16 tubes will be provided with each bag of potting mix for exactly this reason so that you will have spare soil…
    In terms of what to do at this point I will have to defer to one of our experts to answer this ie should you just buy a standard bag of potting mix or whether you need to use one of our special ones.
    I know that Graeme and I will be visiting you in the next couple of weeks to brings you more plants so if it hasn’t been sorted before then we can do it then…
    πŸ™‚ Ros


    grubby feet Fi

    Oh wonderful!! Thanks Ros! Looking forward to it!


    Ros Bowyer

    Us too Fi, can’t wait to see how your little babies are growing up and to bring new ones into your wonderful care. Very exciting!! πŸ™‚

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