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    Ros Bowyer

    For those of you who are looking after precious seed, to reassure you, there’s nothing active you need to be doing at the moment other than guarding against mould & insects. Your daisy heads & stalks should be resting quietly in a dry space eg a garage, in either a cardboard box or paper bag. No plastic please as they will go mouldy. The stalks need to be fluffed every few days again to reduce the likelihood of mould.
    In terms of guarding against insects, a light spray of fly spray every six weeks will do the trick according to Hazel. When you spray leave some newspaper over the top so as to ‘fog’ the spray. This can be removed after 10 mins or so.
    If you are opposed to insecticide there are other options – please post in a separate topic if you have input on this to share with the community.
    For those of you who are Custodians of the Urban Wildflower Corridor, you will next hear from us around Feb/ Mar in relation to this project when we’ll be running the final workshop in which Hazel demonstrates seed cleaning & sorting & in which we will distribute some of the seed, including the rarer varieties so you can all grow some in your gardens.
    Merry Christmas,
    🙂 Ros

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