Dampiera loranthifolia

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    grubby feet Fi

    It seems the Dampiera needs a few special instructions.
    *I think I planted the small plants a bit deep due to worry about them drying out, how fragile/leggy they appeared to be, and if I would have enough soil. However I have been surprised how resilient they are, thriving even. I would definitely do it differently next time, but I could definitely use more soil. Do you want me to re-pot any?
    *after planting the 20 pots I definitely had a few tricks to ensure the roots were minimally disturbed. However the lack of a neat plant made it even more tricky. There are some that are not potted centrally (my first few), do you want me to re-pot them? I would really recommend a demonstration to any new foster carer, in retrospect I would have loved to see how an experienced potter tackled the issues specific to this plant.
    *you mentioned that the other foster plants might need a wee trim but Dampiera was different. Do you want me to do anything?


    Ros Bowyer

    Hey Fi, great questions, we’ll get the experts in on this one – they will no doubt see your post soon and give some input!
    Yes, like your idea of a potting demo… I can see that would be really helpful, particularly given the challenges of this particular plant…
    Thanks so much for bringing such great questions,
    Cheers 🙂


    Hazel Dempster

    Hi Fiona,
    Hazel here, there is no need to repot your plants. Leave them as they are. Graeme and Ros will check if anything needs doing when they deliver the next lot of plants. They all look as if they are doing well with your care.
    Most Dampieras send up their new shoots from the centre of the plant gradually building onto the previous stems until they form the typical mound. The ends of the stems do not need pruning as they weep from the centre and display all the beautiful flowers


    Ros Bowyer

    Hey Fiona, hopefully that’s answered your questions at this point? When we come visit we’ll bring some extra potting mix so you can top up the soil levels but Hazel doesn’t feel it’s an issue in the short term so don’t worry 🙂 Her other comment was around how tough these plants are – people like you & I see them as fragile but really, as you’ve found out, they’re incredibly strong & resilient…. which kinda makes sense given the intensity of the WA environment that they’re ‘born’ into!! Talk soon 🙂

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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