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    Today Graeme dropped off some more Melaleuca violacea (Violet Honey Myrtle)
    My first 16 looked very well but Graeme found they were a little too wet. So I have started a new regime with me watering less intensively. Feeling the weight of the pot when lifted it indeed felt heavier than the sample pot Graeme brought with him. Obviously I have been too enthusiastic with the water. I now have to water them from the top for a while every other day and when soaking in water it is to be with a much lower water level than I have done. I have also tip pruned the ends of the stems.


    Ros Bowyer

    Yes, the watering is probably the trickiest part for all of us at this point Mechtild! It seems to be quite individual for people, depending on what plant species they have & what its particular location is… Your plants are looking so healthy ‘tho, very happy!!

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