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    grubby feet Fi

    Hi all, my name is Fiona, I have been chosen to foster the Dampiera Loranthifolia. A long legged small growing native with small beautiful purple flowers. I am not sure how many people are also fostering, but I am dearly look forward to hearing how everyone goes!
    If it is any help to anyone. I had a few early problems repotting my long legged, fine rooted fragile friends. I found (after a few not so wonderful first attempts) by giving them a pre water before removing the tube pots they were undressed easily. Then laying them down (pot-less) on a small trowel, placing this trowel in the larger pot on an angle (with a small amount of soil already in it) allowed me to support the young plant wilts filling the soil around it, removing the trowel only once I had filled to larger pot with soil.
    I would love to hear how everyone else went!!
    All going well here so far! Wishing you all the best fellow foster friends!


    Graeme Mitchell

    Hey Fiona…….great ideas. The plants’ roots in the tube stock can be quite loose for the first few months, so watering and caring they way you describe is perfect. Keeping the roots together is important, and pre-soaking is a great way to keep everything intact.

    I’ve kept the program to 5 carers for now, so that we can all learn what the challenges might be from doing and sharing the way you have.

    It is such an important program for the future care and development of our local plants that I might be taking things a bit cautiously, however we are indeed learning from the collective experience as we go.

    You have such a beautiful plant, it is certainly one of my favourites, and knowing the color of the flowers on this plant are absolutely unique to WA makes it just that bit more special for me. You are the Dampiera loranthifolia whisperer Fi, thank you for sharing!


    Ros Bowyer

    Hey Fiona, thanks so much for sharing this! I’m looking forward to hearing how others went in potting up their plants too… so much we can all learn from each other 🙂 Great idea to pre-water, what is it they say, necessity is the mother of all invention or something to that effect, right?!
    I’ve recently learned that, although many of our WA species are also grown interstate now, for some reason this particular plant isn’t one of them – it seems she likes to stay at home!


    grubby feet Fi

    Oh I am feeling very blessed to have been chosen to foster such a special plant!! All is going well. I have been rotating 5-6 plants at a time in a large plastic tub with water. It prob comes to half way up the plant. They sit in there 15 minutes and then get a few drops from the top too. Though going on a few other posts on the forum I probably don’t need to water a little from the top given I want the roots to dive a little deeper. I am a also a supporter of equal opportunity for a bit of side on sunshine, so I do rotate them in their black trays each watering, which is twice a week! I am excited to see how much they grow in 2 months!!!

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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