Ever wanted a native garden and have never been sure how to go about it? Or what native plants to select or if what you have selected will grow and if they will look good together?

We at WA Native Gardens have this expert knowledge of native gardening, plant selection and horticulture expertise. The knowledge is based on a foundation of 3 generations of women who have explored Western Australia over the seasons since this early 1960’s.

This foundation is built on botany, horticulture, floristry, landscape design, plant selection for gardens in major parks and streetscapes, specialised propagation and growing programs of WA plants, retail and wholesale nursery management, head gardener and design of high profile locations, greenstock control of a major garden centre chains, award winning urban development in the Swan Valley, international, national, state and local articles and presentations of WA plants and community connection to local environments.

It is this combination of a wealth horticulture experience, plant knowledge and seasonal plant availability has created a unique opportunity to create beautiful and colourful habitat gardens that attract the insects, creepy crawlies and small birds in metropolitan and country gardens. To know more about how to have your garden attract the birds and insects to your garden contact us to arrange a Home Garden Visit.

creating beautiful gardens with WA native plants