Do you really want a native garden ?

To understand how to create a successful native garden in Perth requires passion, commitment and patience. I’m lucky, I have the benefit of 3 generations of knowledge and experience around West Australian plants to draw on in WA Native Gardens.  So that’s what I’m sharing, through our work, our workshops, blogs and conversations.

I will help you create a thriving, beautiful, interesting native verge or garden that you’ll love as much as the local birds and wildlife will.

When I meet with clients or attendees at our workshops, their response is often “I’ve tried natives and they don’t work as well as I expected in my garden.” If this is true for you, know that it’s not your fault!

If you’ve been feeling stressed or frustrated in not knowing which plants to buy or how to prepare the garden, you’re absolutely not alone.

The simple truth is, to have a successful native garden or verge requires a well researched, simple to use, proven system, and a reasonable understanding of the garden you’re working with.  And that’s where it gets interesting…