What do I say to my principal to start this ?

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    Bryan Mather

    Hi everbody,

    I’ve had a couple of questions now, most recently from Judith, about what do we have in terms of materials for school Principals, or what is the next step.

    “Any advice how I can pitch your group to my principals and start things happening in my schools would be great”

    This doco provides an overview of who we are (as briefly as possible), and what the project aims to do. Overview of Corridor Learning Project

    Graeme and I have met with two school Boards and principals so far, and have also met with the Dept of Education to talk about how this works. If you would like to have us come to your school, contact us by email or phone. We have a more detailed document that we present at that meeting.

    As every school is different, we want to work with you, other teachers, your Principal and Business Manager to come up with something that fits, and fulfils the vision.


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